My Plans for Posts and Pages

I am planning to add quotations and my thoughts to the pages of this site. To start, there were only Wikipedia links, for background information. I will add posts letting others know when I add information to the pages. The pages are on top. You must, unfortunately, scroll down to reach the posts. Most information is in the pages, or, eventually, will be in the pages. The posts will be used to let people know when pages are updated. The posts may be subscribed to, so you can get them through RSS, without even going to the site!

I am now thinking I will have pages for various philosophical topics. This will not be on the menu, but only linked to from people on the menu. Often numerous philosophers have written on a topic.

The purpose of the site is mainly to record my main agreement or disagreement, but mainly agreement, with philosophers. It will not be to add new information on philosophers or philosophy. I will mainly make quotations and make comments on them.

It helps me just to see these people organized by birth year (& in cases of ties death year).

As I have a poor memory, this site is helpful for me in organizing and retaining my thoughts.